1) When did you start playing golf?

– I started my golf career on the mini / crazy golf courses in Oxfordshire! But I progressed to proper golf after my first caddie job in 2009. Loved watching the guys play so decided to try it myself.

2) What’s your favourite golf course & why?

– Do I have to pick just one? It has to be The London Club and I cannot choose between the 2 courses… but The International has the best par 3’s! My close second would be Centurion Golf Club.

3) What’s your longest drive?

– Hmm I’m no Phillis Meti… but probably about 200 yards… It’s not far but it always goes straight!

4) Do you prefer the long or short game?

– Short game without a doubt. I love putting but it can be so frustrating sometimes!

5) Favourite thing about golf?

– Being outdoors, the banter and of course being a Caddie!

6) What do you do when you’re not caddying?

– I’m usually walking the dog, going to the gym or working on the other parts of the business.

7) Favourite golfer?

– Ohhh this is tough… probably Eddie Pepperall for both his golf and hilarious banter. As for golfing legends… I have met / caddied for a few and they are all my favourites!

8) Favourite item of golf clothing or brand?

– My Keen Caddies Uniform of course! I take so much pride wearing it!

9) Favourite thing about being a Keen Caddie?

– Meeting and caddying for all the amazing golfers and seeing some awesome golf shots up close. I also get to pick up a few tips for my golf along the way!

10) Favourite alcoholic drink?

– After a round I do enjoy a refreshing G&T… or 2!

11) How many sets of golf clubs do you have?

– I have 2 sets. 1 old and 1 new.

12) Favourite famous person or celebrity?

– I am so lucky that I get to meet many celebrities at the British Par 3 Championship. So, they all my favourites for different reasons!

13) Your life motto / or phrase you like to use?

– “Would you like it in or out?” THE FLAG… I mean the flag!

14) Any claim to fame?

– I appeared on an episode of the TV show Brainiacs.

15) Any nicknames?

– Becks, Becca and Boiks