1) When did you start playing golf?

– I first picked up a golf club a few years ago when on a training day with the Keen Caddies. BUT… my golf is only ever played on the range or putting green. It’s safer that way!

2) What’s your favourite golf course & why?

– Bramley Golf Club. I was driving the drinks buggy around and around… So the course and layout is permanently etched in my mind.

3) What’s your longest drive?

– When I drove all the way to Edinburgh!

4) Do you prefer the long or short game?

– The short game, I don’t like anything that takes too long.

5) Favourite thing about golf?

– Driving the buggies.

6) What do you do when you’re not caddying?

– I work in events and promotions.

7) Favourite golfer?

– My Dad.

8) Favourite item of golf clothing or brand?

– My Keen Caddies uniform of course!

9) Favourite thing about being a Keen Caddie?

– The golfers I get to meet and of course driving the drinks buggy!

10) Favourite alcoholic drink?

– Gin with elderflower tonic.

11) How many sets of golf clubs do you have?

– I don’t own any golf clubs…YET!

12) Favourite famous person or celebrity?

– Can I say my Mum? She’s a celebrity in my eyes.

13) Your life motto / or phrase you like to use?

– “Live like there’s no tomorrow!”

14) Any claim to fame?

– None that I know of.

15) Any nicknames?

– No nicknames just Valentine