Are you thinking about planning and hosting a golf day but don’t know where to start? Well, we understand how overwhelming the planning process can be. As experts in golf event management, we are here to help you through the entire process from start to finish.

The best place to start is to understand your requirements and aspirations. It is important for us to gain an initial overview so we can make appropriate suggestions before taking care of preparations on your behalf.

Put simply, we adopt the 5 W’s approach by asking Why? When? What? Where? and Who? Once we have established answers to these questions, we are able to structure arrangements to suit your needs and can begin co-ordinating your event.

WHY do you want to host a golf day?

It may be that you want to impress some of your important clients or to thank your employees for a job well done. Alternatively, you may wish to promote your brand by inviting prospective clients and important stakeholders. In these instances, we would recommend hosting a corporate golf day.

You may be intending to raise money for a worthwhile cause, whether this is a personal commitment or part of your corporate responsibility if working alongside or directly for a charity. In this instance, we would recommend organising a charity golf day as we know first-hand how effective such events can be for raising funds and awareness.

Alternatively, it may simply be the case that you wish to arrange an event because you and your party are keen golf enthusiasts or to celebrate a special occasion such as birthday or another important anniversary. For these purposes, we recommend a golf day, which doesn’t have to be as formal as other events, but it can still include some of the features of a traditional golf day such as provision of a drinks buggy and a competition format.

WHEN do you want your event to take place?

Establishing a date for your golf day is probably one of the trickier tasks as it is almost impossible to select a date that everyone can attend. We recommend you select a date as far in advance as possible to increase the likelihood of optimum attendance.

If your event includes a large list of invitees, it is likely that not all of the guests will be able to attend. It is, therefore, important to request confirmation as soon as possible so you can extend invites to others in the event of invitations either being declined or subsequently cancelled. It is important to manage this process efficiently by keeping in contact with all your guests periodically, so they do not forget the date or double book themselves. The success of your event will be greatly enhanced by having the right people and requisite number of participants in line with your original plans.

For golf days with less than 12 players, we recommend you simply send a message to the group with two alternative dates and choose the one that most people can attend.

WHERE would you like to host your event?

It is essential to get this right. Most of our clients know where they want to host their golf day and this usually makes our task easier. However, for those of you who may not have visited many venues besides your local golf club then it’s always good to ask for recommendations from those in the know. This is where Keen Caddies are able to help and point you in the right direction as we arrange and attend golf days all over the UK.

Don’t forget to ask the golf clubs questions like how many does the clubhouse hold…

We have good relationships with clubs all over the country and can make recommendations based on costings functions and facilities and the type of day you want to enjoy and geography.

WHAT arrangements would you like included?

Understanding your requirements in this respect is very important and incorporates the majority of the planning. The format of the day includes items such as the timetable for the day, the scoring system to be adopted, provision of food and refreshments and arranging prizes etc. Food is especially important nowadays and understanding whether your guests have any specific dietary requirements.

The traditional format for a corporate or charity golf day includes registration, coffee and bacon rolls before a shotgun start. The typical scoring system for these days is Stableford and prizes are either awarded after the round or during the evening meal if you are providing this level of hospitality. But do not think you have to stick to the norm. Speak to us about other ideas for your golf day as we welcome novel or innovative formats.

WHO will be attending your event?

We like to know who will be attending your golf day, especially if there are any special celebrities or VIP’s that might be in attendance or knowing whose birthday is being celebrated for instance.

From an event organising perspective, we need to know who will be our point of contact throughout the process. It is paramount your golf day has an experienced Event Manager at the helm as many things can and do go wrong. We especially recommend that you DO NOT take on this responsibility if you are intending to play during your event. It is impossible to enjoy a round of golf and network with your guests whilst simultaneously trying to manage the event and co-ordinate arrangements. Speak to us about how we can oversee all aspects on your behalf so you can relax and focus on playing your best golf whilst also enjoying the occasion.

Once we have this basic information, we can move onto the planning phase. This is where our expertise comes to the fore as we are well versed in putting together all of your requirements, which can be time consuming and requires considerable know-how.

If the above information has been useful then please let us know. We would be happy to share our expertise, so you have the tools you need to create a successful golf day. As professional golf event organisers we would be happier still to work with you to create an outstanding golf event and memorable experience. Please read our other blogs, which provide a sample of the many events we have either attended or co-ordinated across the length and breadth of the UK.